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Discover for yourself what authentic “Dominican-style” Bachata is actually about
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Carlos Cinta is a world-renowned master of teaching Bachata social dancing and musicality.  After years of teaching international workshops and rediscovering for himself what authentic “Dominican-style” is actually about, he’s finally compiled his best kept secrets into this private membership site and is ready to share them all with you!

This is NOT the hype you’ve seen elsewhere about “Dominican-style”… Carlos’s INSTRUCTION IS THE REAL DEAL!With Carlos’ guidance, you will finally crack the elusive secret code to be able to hear, feel, and move to the music the same way the great social dancers in the Dominican Republic do.

Your online membership is like being there, right next to Carlos, as he goes through all his signature moves.  New module with about 10-17 lessons unlocked every 30 days.  We did it this way so that you can build a solid foundation before moving on to the more advance concepts and dance steps.  Once all videos are unlocked, you'll have access to them for life.  Wanna get started?
"If y’all ever get a chance to take a bachata workshop I highly recommend you take a Carlos Cinta workshop. I had the opportunity to take his Two Day Bachata Workshop. It was amazing! The concepts that he teaches are relevant to the music. My favorite part was his breaking down of the instruments with Joan Soriano‘s music. Uhm. Who does that? Carlos does, Uh-mazing!" Jennifer L. 
These lessons are the equivalent to taking dozens of intensive workshops and privates with him, BUT you get the ADDED advantage of being able to rewind and replay each frame as many times as it takes for you to get it, and then review to brush up on skills, as needed.

As a member, if you choose the monthly plan, you will have access to only the first block of videos. After 30 days, the next block of videos will be unlocked to continue your progression through the learning stages.
  • GET CARLOS ANYTIME, IN YOUR HOME, OR ON THE GO: Once you have activated your membership, all videos can be viewed on ANY device with internet access.
  •  PROGRESSIVE LESSONS: You can always count on Carlos to stay cutting edge and keep things fresh. He’s forever evolving and adding new material to his workshops…but don’t worry! You won’t miss out on any of that! The new modules will be unlocked and videos added to your members area, so will you enjoy your progress.
  • ALL LEVELS: There’s something for everyone here, from the first-time Bachata dancer to the seasoned pro. Get ready! FUTURE content will progressively advance in skill level! So, START NOW, and make sure you’ve really mastered all his foundational pre-requisites so you’ll be prepared to move on and keep up with Carlos.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: You don’t have to travel to a Bachata festival or wait for Carlos Cinta to have a workshop in your area.
  • FOCUSED ON SOCIAL DANCE: Learn to lead and follow so you can dance with anyone to any bachata song without relying on choreography.
  • CONFIDENCE: Let’s face it; dancing bachata with confidence and ease is sexy. Enough said.
  • FUN: Carlos is know for is entertaining way of teaching.  His not a robot. You will smile. You will laugh. You will learn to have fun, Guaranteed,
Since this membership site is dedicated to Dominican style bachata,we decided to also add the videos from Bachata Thrillogy Totally Caribbean.  These are legacy lessons that were originally sold only on DVD but these lessons are now available online. So you get access to these bachata lessons. too.  That why you don't have to choose which website to buy from.  All the Dominican Bachata lessons are right here.
Do you want all the Dominican Bachata lessons at once or at a more manageble pace? You decide. See you on the inside.
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Learn at your own pace. Hurry Price Increase is coming.